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Adopt or Sponsor a Pet

Rebecca's Rainbow looks for new homes for pets whose owners are seriously ill or have passed away in the Western Washington area. If you have room in your heart and are willing to make room in your home for a special dog or cat in need, please consider adopting a pet from Rebecca's Rainbow. If adopting isn't right for you at this time, you might consider sponsoring a pet. Sponsors help pay for a pet's expenses while we find them a new home.

NOTE: As of September 2016 we will be listing animals on Petfinder.com exclusively. This will help us to keep our listings more up to date and gives us broader exposure. We think this will be a positive change for animals and potential adopers alike.

Our listings can be found here: https://www.petfinder.com/pet-search?shelter_id=WA461

If you want to learn more about any of the pets from Rebecca's Rainbow or want to meet one of them, please contact us.
If you see an animal that interests you, you can use our online application forms to apply for an adoption.